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Maui Lehua Floral ~ Living Arrangements

Dwarf Citrus Plants

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Citrus Type

Dwarf Citrus trees are truly unique and make a great gift! Grown here on Maui.
They make a great indoor/outdoor house plant or plant in the yard!

Meyer Lemon

 Most popular in home gardens, profific bearer, juicy fruit is less acid
  than other lemons.

Ponderosa Lemon

    Very large bumpy skinned lemon usually weighing 2 - 4 lbs.  Flavor is
lemon-like. Small to medium size tree, 8 to 12 ft. high

Austrailian Finger Lime (Microcitrus australisica)

    Petite, elongated fruit that ripen in fall or winter. Sometimes referred 
    to as "citrus caviar" with lime flavored fruit pearls.  Adds a special       `"zing" to dishes.

Kieffer (Kaffir, Citrus Hystrix) Lime

    Authentic, aromatic leaf essential for Thai cooking. Used in soups,
    vegetables and curry.

 Valencia Orange

    Grow your own orange juice!  This very sweet fruit takes time to 
    reach maturity. Best summer through early fall.

Exotics ~~~

Buddha Hand (Fingered Citron)

    Unique fruit is highly esteemed for its shape and fragrance in
    China and Japan. 

Nagami Kumquat

    The most widely available kumquat in North America. Olive size and 
    shape, bright orange fruit. Nagami flowers best in areas with warm
    summers. Late winter or early Spring ripening fruit.